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Posted by Happy - Feb 14, 2010

10:50 AM

Tee Hee i have a cool wallet...

Posted by Happy - Dec 12, 2009

I went to pick up this wallet:

But instead i got this wallet:

instead. What do you think? I would say they both are pretty durn hawt :D

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A Few Boxes

Posted by Happy - Dec 10, 2009

Modern version of Santa's Workshop. Kidding - its just Amazon's distribution center. [Link]

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Moshi Keyboard Protector for MAC

Posted by Timothy T.

So, i got this coolio keyboard protector for my Macbook. Note I put PRO in brackets because only rich people can afford macbook pros.

Anyways, some cool things, the thing itself is 1mm thick and to be honest, when you put it on, it looks really hot; the thing looks near invisible, until you type on it.

I must say, the keyboard typing experience is slightly bogged down, but i guess its the price to pay for having ultimate protection for your all hot plastic keyboard. I spilt water on it to test how cool the protection would be, and it was amazing.

Its expensive, but hey kevlar suits are expensive too. 28 bucks at the Apple store beside Future Shop on Broadway.

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Posted by Timothy T. - Dec 8, 2009

I don't know if you are a musician or not, but IM GONNA LET MYSELF FINISH... this stuff is made from heaven.

Let me give you a low down of this product. All natural, all heavenly goodness with some herbs inside so that your lips dont chap and swell and do other bad things when you are playing the trumpet. Basically, a magic stick (no, not like that), but in jelly form!

I dont know how it does it, but the stick magically erases all my trumpet playing problems!

Pick one up at Long & McQuade for about 5 bucks.

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Posted by just.fyi - Dec 6, 2009

Just fyi,

Have you ever kept a secret
that tore you apart?
That fed on your insides and
made you shake?
I feel like I have epilepsy,
a disease...a virus?
Whatever it is.
Please make it go away.
I'd rather have H1N1.

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Posted by Happy - Dec 5, 2009

Well, some has SAT's, some has life, some has other things. However, what do you has? I has lots of things to do this weekend. I has not SAT but there has yes maybe.

usually that would make sense. However, i have gone through a phase of maybe to nothing. Nevermind. Have a great day. On the bright side, it will not rain tomorrow!

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Posted by Timothy T. - Dec 3, 2009


this is actually more scary than it is horrible... well it might turn out horrible but we dont know as of yet. Think about one big massive 'government' controlling the US airwaves. Of course this will affect us because we take in some of those juicy waves of shows too!

So, Comcast reaches 1 out of 4 TV subscribers, and NBC reaches 99%. NBC also owns 22 local TV stations and together, they would control 1 out of every 5 hours of TV viewing.

Because of this massive amalgamation, Comcast (the side of the company that sells TV, like Shaw in Canada) will be able to charge people even more for channels and will be able to control more of the AD market. This is horrendous. Comcast already hikes up rates by 8% every year so just think... they will PWN the competition.

Also, smaller shows and independent channels will get shunted for the larger, more popular NBC shows, therefore reducing the amount of views that the viewer is given over the TV.

Overall, not a healthy thing.

Help out. Go to www.freepress.net/comcast to STOP THIS MERGER!!!!

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Zoom Zoom.

Posted by Happy - Dec 2, 2009

I've used my new mac for a while now - but there's something that's really been bugging me. On a PC, you can zoom by scrolling the mouse wheel while holding the CTRL button. On a mac, it doesn't work that way.

So how do you zoom in and out on a Microsoft Word document using a mac? COMMAND + CTRL + MouseScroll


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Posted by Timothy T. - Dec 1, 2009

So, its been 1 Year of excitement... Flootoot is now ONE YEAR OLD. Ups downs sides lefts rights and diagonals. However, a year is a year and new things must come with a year anniversary!!

Things that have occurred this year...

To celebrate... a video for you viewing pleasure!!!!

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iHome iHM79

Posted by Timothy T.

Ok so I just bought these damn tiny speakers, with little to no expectation of them being good whatsoever.... HOWEVER... they turn out to be amazingdoodle...

The springy thing you see in the middle of the speakers are used for amazing bass increasing thingness. When you add that extra space, for some reason the bass increases like crazy. Sound is much clearer and everything seems to be just nice and perfect for anything!

Did I forget... its also rechargeable, so you can bring them on road trips with your iPod and run around frolicing around the bushes :D

Anyways, its a nice deal, grab one out at the Apple Store for $60

11:23 PM

Hrm... High Tech Computer?

Posted by Happy - Nov 28, 2009

So... I recently got this phone for myeslf to enjoy, after years and years and years (2 days) of waiting for it to come out on the Telus Network. The reason i waited was for the 3G; the old Hero (from Europe/Asia) that was out beforehand did not support the nice 3G we have here today.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you a little bit about how amazing this phone is. The Androidy amazingness is just pure bliss, and I truly cannot explain to you how its like. Think of an iPhone and a Palm Pre and a Blackberry. All three of them joined up and made a 3-way baby and came up with the HTC (High Tech Computer) Hero, sporting an amazing 3.2 inch touch screen, a white teflon coated plastic (for no annoying greasy fingerprints) and a chin that looks like a chin. Oh did I mention the nipple... AHEM trackball? Thats hot too.

Whats also cool is that once you connect to your Facebook account, you can LINK your contacts to your friends on Facebook!! So say I have John Alberheim as a contact on my phone. I can connect him to John Alberheim on Facebook and retrieve his profile pic, status updates and birthday info! What a deal :D

I cannot explain how hot this phone is. You will just have to get it yourself at a TELUS store for 499.99 + Tax (without contract) or you can just get it from me for $500 (save the tax and all the hassle of battling those salesmen). A brand new one. Not that one. Cuz thats mine.

shoot flootoot@gmail.com if ur lookin' for a good time... with a phone ;)

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Google Wavin'

Posted by Happy

A while back we made a post about google wave. A few of us got a hold of some invites. The big problem is that not many people use it right now.. and its kinda like one more thing to check (too bad you can't read emails on it!). Anyhoo, if you want an invite, leave your email in a comment below - or if you're afraid of spam send an email to flootoot@gmail.com - we'll dig one up somewhere. Here's a video.

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Posted by just.fyi - Nov 8, 2009


Today, Timmy told me to stop posting on his blog. I had a mini panic attack because I thought Tim had bumped his head and gone insane. MLIA.

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On the edge

Posted by just.fyi - Nov 7, 2009


A slight nudge.
nervous glances
harsh words
sarcastic tones
demeaning glares
snappy comments
frustrated sighs

Is it just me or is everyone on edge?

1:25 AM

The Purpose of Life...

Posted by polypushroom - Oct 18, 2009

This post has been removed by the author.

It's a metaphor.

11:37 PM

What if...

Posted by Happy - Oct 16, 2009

What if...

St George's was a school for boys and girls

Peacocks could fly

Smart people turned retarded

The tourettes guy actually met bob saget

Harvard didn't have a 35 BILLION dollar endowment

Music was the devils creation

St George's didn't spend thousands on a corny video that was pro


all these 'what ifs' just dont happen you know?

kinda like applying to a CEO Position without prior experience...

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Posted by just.fyi

jay eff why eye

Today, I decided to go to Flootoot's Youtube channel. Despite the ridiculous and pathetic nature of Tim's videos, I was actually amused. MLIA.

...Today, I decided to write an MLIA where each word was a different colour and size. MLIA

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Posted by just.fyi - Oct 12, 2009

Just fyi, this was not written by me, but by the lovely and beautiful B.C. :

I love to feel infinite.
Those nights where you drive with your favourite person in the world, windows rolled down, warm wind tickling your face and twisting your hair.
You can look up and see the vast expanse of endless stars up there and you can ponder exactly how insignificant you are to the world. You can gaze upwards and just let your heart expand with the feeling of the universe, the feeling of being anything and anyone.
The feeling of being alive. Feeling infinite, undefinable.
You can feel as though even the furthest corners of the universe are within your reach. You can stretch up to the big dipper and take a sip of the milky way.
You can yell out loud and noone can hear you, but you're sending your voice out into the world, making it an inextractable part of what it is, what you are, and it will forever continue in its own way. It will be absorbed into the wind, the earth, the trees, and the sky, and they will hold your release of emotion forever.
You can breathe in that sweet summer-fall air and let it sweep your mind free of the thoughts and worry and stresses of life.
And when that moment in your life ends, you know that you felt infinite, and you wove that night into every cell of your body, and it changed you.
Feel infinite.

9:54 PM


Posted by just.fyi


Stress is starting to shadow me wherever I go.
He sits next to me in class.
Presses down onto my shoulders when I'm trying to do homework.
Lies next to me when I sleep.

The more He follows me, the more I start to snap.
The littlest things bother me now and every single time, my shadowy follower grows even bigger.

The more He stalks me the more I complain to my friends.
Sometimes though, it is my friends who cause him to grow.
They feed His ravenous appetite with their own complaints, their problems, their anger.

Other times though, I complain to my friends about Him.
About how He invades my dreams even while I am in a land filled with daisies and cotton candy.
As I complain, I wonder why my friends cannot kill this beast.
Why they can't solve my problems.

One day, I pleaded to one of my friends to help me. To kill my stalker.
My friend wisely responded:
I'm not here to help you, you aren't here to help me.
We're just both there when we need to talk.
And that...that is more important than help, or a gift, or any dinner you go out with friends.
The best thing in the world right now is to have someone to fall back on.

And although my problems are still not completely gone,
My friend had shed light on my enemy and caused the shadow to disappear....
(at least for now).

So my message to you today is say thank you to your friends.
Cause they're the best things you got in this time of Stress.